Black Olive Paste

Our Black Olive Paste is made by coarsely grinding cured, stoned olives. We then add capsicum or chilli, garlic, herbs, salt and olive oil. Perfect for dressing up pasta dishes or as an accompaniment served with bruschetta or cheese.

Black Table Olives

Our Mission olives are handpicked and slow-cured to deliver flavourful natural black olives. Perfect for tapas, salads, pasta and baking.

Olive Caviar

Our best seller, this unique product has been dried, minced and mixed with garlic, chilli, salt & herbs. Try it sprinkled on salad or pizza, bake it into bread, or use as a filling or topping on chicken, fish or lamb. Yum!

Olive Oil

Our olive oil is extracted from handpicked olives and processed within 24 hours of picking. Mont Rouge Olive Oil comprises blends of mostly mission and frantoio cultivars giving it a mild, gentle flavour with a hint of freshly cut grass. An excellent all-rounder, ideal with salad and pasta, perfect for cooking or baking.

Green Table Olives

Our mission table olives are handpicked mid-March and processed using slow fermentation which takes between 9-12 months. Our table olives are firm in texture and are known for their slightly nutty taste. Excellent for snacks, tapas and salads.